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Carrots, peeled principle of composite phosphate
Release Date:2014-03-27     Source:      Authoradmin
Carrots surface layer of wax layer , whose main ingredient is pectin. In the processing needs to be removed , the advantage of using manual methods peeled clean, low loss rate , and the role of dressing , but also to the heart, to the core, cut grading the same time , raw fruits and vegetables than the inconsistent quality can show its advantages , but this method is labor intensive , time consuming, low productivity . So now extensive use of chemical peels and other methods. Compound phosphate is also a practical lye peeling peeled . Disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium phosphate as the alkaline substance are . Its main principle of the alkaline solution through the epidermis layer is dissolved , thereby separating the peel . Consider the following principles and practices of a university or a fruit and vegetable processing technology say it. There are chemical peels and enzyme acid or lye peeling peeled two kinds. Lye peeling raw fruits and vegetables peeled is the most widely used , the principle is dissolved in the layer of the epidermis through lye , so that separation of the peel , the skin contains keratin , hemicellulose has strong corrosion resistance middle parenchyma composed mainly of pectin , in the role of a base , easily dissolve corrosion , while the edible parts , mostly thin-walled cells, anti- corrosion acid , lye grasp moderate , can make skin off . The base used is sodium hydroxide ( low ) , potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate , sodium hydrogencarbonate and the like. Treatment methods are: Baptist soda and cream soda . Alkaline leaching forthcoming certain concentration, temperature, lye into the container , the raw material inputs, stirring constantly , after an appropriate time to salvage materials , rinse with water . Alkaline leaching of alkali leaching mainly to take peelers , send materials with a belt , with a high pressure spray, by controlling the transmission speed to achieve the purpose of peeled , cream soda lye often combined heat after dermabrasion machine principle . Factors affecting the lye peeling effect are: alkali concentration , temperature and duration of action . Concentration, temperature and time were inversely related , and large concentrations , high temperatures are used for a short time, high temperature, long time but also reduce the concentration , concentration and time to determine if , to improve the efficiency peeled only raise the temperature , so dialectical master the three elements . Advantages lye peeled : adaptability, almost all of the lye peeling of fruits and vegetables can be used , and the irregular surface of the raw material , the raw material of different sizes can achieve good results , peeled ; grasp when moderate loss rate small, high raw material utilization ; saving labor and equipment. It must be noted corrosive lye .
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